JANSTON PtyLtd.,-P.O. Box 91, Frankston, Victoria, AUSTRALIA.3199.                                                                                Suite 16/395 Nepean Highway, Frankston, Victoria. AUSTRALIA. 3199                                               ________________________e-mail- < janstonmusic@gmail.com > for the attention of the Director/ Paul Callanan.  

JANSTON PtyLtd., is the new Company moving forward, to further Research and Develop the various electronic interactive solutions for the future    MELODY-CAPCHA(TM)-Program-which will deployed in TWO SETTINGS.         1/.- YouMeTap(TM)-deployed at a Minimum/Maximum  of 75 Dba.        2/.- YouMuTap(TM)-deployed at a Minimum/Maximum   of 80 Dba.        1/.-(a)- YouMeTap(TM)-deployed at a Maximum/Maximum of 80 Dba.                                                                                      2/.-(a)- YouMuTap(TM)-deployed at a Maximum/Maximum of 85 Dba.

 BASIC PROSPECTUS_JANSTON PtyLtd., will do further research and development on behalf of  the "Wizard Design Services Trust" till 4,000,000 downloads of the MELODY-CAPCHA(TM)-Program have been achieved in either setting-YouMeTap(TM) or YouMuTap(TM): at which       point in time the PHYSICAL PRODUCT'S and BOOK PUBLISHING can             proceed . The PHYSICAL PRODUCT'S will then have a client base which    can be Marketed to direct Mail order. Air-Freight to any Country                   . Manufacturing will be done in AUSTRALIA, under the direction of the         INVENTOR and OWNER of  JANSTON PtyLtd., : ALL I.P. in these matters    will be OWNED by Paul Callanan and the "Wizard Design Services Trust"-which shall receive a 15% FULLY FRANKED DIVIDEND on all  matters  moving forward. No Exclusive Licenses will be issued, and all contracts will be for services.  The initial developers will be given 45% of 70% of  -[[ a Minimum $1.29 100% base figure to start ]]- with Direction from AUSTRALIA, some programming and CODE to be CUT in INDIA, with a reduction to 30% after costs and BONUS PAYMENTS are finalized. Each NEW BUILD returns them to 45%  of 70% from a base point of 100% being $1.29 till costs are amortized. At which time the CODE which is held in "ESCROW" will be handed over to the OWNER and INVENTOR, Paul Callanan and the "Wizard Design Services Trust"/Copyright "WIZARD DESIGN SERVICES TRUST"1992-2010. Copyright Paul Callanan 1987-2010/Copyright Ernst Hemmel 1979-2010_ALL RIGHTS RESERVED_The subject of an INTERNATIONALLY REGISTERED DESIGN.                 ----"Exercise for Your INTELLECT via  MELODYCAPCHA(TM)-create-----          GOOD  VIBRATIONS   in a FLASH".     Copyright Paul Callanan 1987-2010_ALL RIGHTS RESERVED                        Copyright "Wizard Design Services Trust" 1992-2010.                              Copyright Ernst Hemmel 1979-2010_ALL RIGHTS RESERVED.                     The subject of an INTERNATIONALLY REGISTERED DESIGN.                       Have a great Day, and create a New Work, New Work,                                        those little Town Blues, are fading AWAY.                                                                                                                                            

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